Geo Textile

Non-woven Geotextiles are made from 100% staple polyester and polypropylene needle-punched filter fabric. They have excellent waterflow rates and drainage for the filtration of soil fines. Non-woven Geotextiles have a variety of uses, some of which include trench drains and wrapping perforated pipe to protect against erosion and being combined with geomembranes to provide protective cushioning.

Overall features & benefits
    •    Excellent water flow properties for drainage and other applications
    •    Cost-effective solutions with low initial cost
    •    Proven and highly predictable performance
    •    Long-lasting performance
    •    Easy installation
    •    Immediate strength in buried applications

Reasons to Rent

  • No maintenance costs
  • No long term financial commitment
  • You can try it before you buy it
  • Eliminate Storage Costs
  • Minimizes Costly Breakdowns
  • You will always have new, efficient equipment
  • Support is just a phone call away

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